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1. Kumpulan Soal

2. Prediksi Soal
3. Materi Suplemen
Nah, bagi yang ingin tips dan trik mengerjakan soal, dapat dilihat di sini.

Selamat Belajar.

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Study Success For USM STAN

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These are suggestions that can be practiced in conjunction with other tips to help make you a better student. The first study tip and I believe the most important is to eliminate the distractions.

Eliminating the distractions will help you get focused on studying. Many students will get distracted easier when they face material that isn't fun to review. I found it easy to get distracted when I was studying for a sociology exam or final because I thought the class and material were boring. No offense Sociology majors. You have to find a quiet place away from outside distractions and then study the same time and place for every study session.
The next three tips center around your personal health that will help improve your focus and test performance. The three suggestions include get plenty of rest, eating healthy and go easy on the caffeine. Many students already know this however many forget when they are feeling the pressure of test time.
To get the optimum performance out of your body you have to get plenty of rest. This enables the mind to remain sharp and better retain the information being studied. Eating healthy is important for the same reasons. The key here is to avoid diets and foods high in carbohydrates such as sugar cereals but rather focus on foods and snacks high in protein such as granola bars. Protein is brain food and will keep you sharp when studying. Lastly, go easy on the caffeine. Too much caffeine will cause you to burn out and crash and chasing a loss of energy with caffeine will hurt study and test performances. The idea is to drink plenty of water and only use caffeine in moderation.

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Registration Stan Diploma program in 2009 -Progam Pendaftaran Diploma STAN 2009

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Panitia Progam pendaftar Ujian Saringan Masuk (USM) Prodip I dan III Keuangan Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara Tahun Akademik 2009/2010 yang mengalami kesulitan dalam melakukan e-registrasi, dengan ini diberitahukan bahwa pendaftaran dapat dilakukan pula secara langsung ke lokasi-lokasi pendaftaran yang telah ditetapkan sebelumnya mulai 7 juli s.d. 17 juli 2009.

Pembayaran USM STAN tersebut juga dapat dilakukan hingga tanggal 17 Juli 2009 ditujukan ke rekening Bendahara Administrasi BLU STAN pada Bank Mandiri Cabang Bintaro Jakarta dengan nomor rekening: 128-00-0554888-5.

Tatacara, syarat, dan tempat pendaftaran dapat dilihat pada pengumuman berikut ini: pengumuman pendaftaran usm stan secara langsung.

Adapun formulir pendaftaran secara langsung/manual dapat diunduh disini (Formulir Pendaftaran USM STAN 2009/2010).

English Version
Program committee registrant Filter Testing Log In (USM) Prodip I and III Financial Accounting State High School Academic Year 2009/2010 which have difficulties in conducting e-registration, hereby notified that the registration can be made directly to the locations where the registration has been set prior to start July 7 17 July 2009.

USM Stan payment may be made until 17 July 2009 addressed to the Treasurer Administration BLU Stan at Bank Mandiri Jakarta Branch Bintaro with the account number: 128-00-0554888-5.

Procedure, requirements, and registration can be seen on the following: the registration usm stan directly.

The registration form directly / manual can be downloaded here (Form USM Stan 2009/2010)

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